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14 Nov 2022

Save energy with motorised outdoor awnings


With the long, steamy days of summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to start making the most of outdoor living spaces. Covering an otherwise exposed area with an awning can actually provide protection from the elements and make exterior areas more usable  - both in the warmer months, and year round. 

However, did you know that installing an awning can help you actively lower your home’s cooling costs?

This is due to the fact that (up to 87%1) of a home’s heat gain in summer is through uncovered windows. By restricting the direct flow of sunlight into your interiors, you can reduce your reliance on air-conditioning and fans, and more passively cool your home.     

The savings will, of course, vary based on your home’s construction, location and orientation, as well as the type of fabric and colour of your Luxaflex® Evo Awnings. However, when blocking direct sunlight from entering your living spaces, the savings can be potentially significant.  

The Luxaflex® Evo Awnings range includes six models and comes in a range of beautiful fabrics to shade your home - all featuring quality Luxaflex materials and smooth operating systems. The six Luxaflex® Evo awning models within the range are available with many extras, including fabric valances, and bottom rail brushes.

How does having automised controls help?

A great benefit of choosing a Luxaflex® Folding Arm Awning, is that many of our awnings come with the option of motorised control. 

Some models are available with a sun and wind sensor, and can also be integrated with home automation systems – so they can be opened or closed according to pre-configured settings. This means you can automatically set your awning to extend during the middle of the day – when the sun is at its brightest - and retract them in the evening. 

Choose sunscreen fabrics for additional protection

We offer a range of ‘sunscreen’ fabrics in the Luxaflex® Evo Awnings range. You can select the level of view-through for your awning, unlike traditional canvas fabrics which have a solid backing. Sunscreen fabric has an open weave which provides heat and light control – yet allows you to maintain your view. It’s commonly used on straight drop and pivot arm awning styles. 

Luxaflex® Spectra Sunscreen is our premium external fabric range and offers incredible strength and durability which comes from its use of fibreglass yarn with Enduris® Glass Core Technology2. Luxaflex® Sunscreen fabrics come with a five year warranty*.

How to: Cut energy costs with window coverings

Save on enegy costs this summer with selecting the right window coverings for your home. 

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